I’m getting married next year! And through my wedding planning I have found a beautiful Irish blog called OneFabDay. When I found it a number of months ago it really inspired me to design my own freelance wedding stationery website, for which I did some preliminary work. There are some really beautiful blogs in the online wedding scene – they have opened up a whole new world of inspiration to me and I hope they will for you too. Get started at OneFabDay, link above, and before you know it you will find yourself surrounded by inspirational design.


Posted: March 2, 2011 in Design, Websites

I just KNOW one day I will need this article and won’t know where I found it! An excellent¬†note from the Adobe Creative Newsletter.

InDesign skills: Don’t let transparency ruin your printing

Ah. THAT formidable question every graphic designer asks themselves from time to time. A quirky flow chart is available at http://www.shouldiworkforfree.com, designed by New York designer, illustrator and typographer Jessica Hische to help you discover the right answer.

Thumbs up! Absolutely love the beauty salon work done by Charlotte: http://chacrebleu.tumblr.com/

Hello Lucky

Posted: June 27, 2010 in Design, Websites

Stumbled upon this pretty cool website – Hello Lucky – and thought it most definitely worth noting. Love the option of letterpress printing!

At first I wasn’t sure what I felt about this… designers putting their work out there in an environment where it could be copied or undervalued, but now I think I’m coming around to the idea. Check it out – iwantadesign.com launches today at 3pm and will host ‘contests’ for designers to submit pitches to buyers, winning pitch wins the work or ‘prize’. It will be great for freelancers, or even for design students wanting to practice their skills til the real work starts rolling in.