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I had the fortune of attending a fantastic course yesterday, on Problem-solving, Creativity and Innovation – led by a lady by the name of Kim Tasso and organised by the Professional Marketing (PM) Forum.

The course was just a half-day session but it was so very worthwhile. Kim Tasso was an excellent trainer and she brought us through popular techniques for initially, problem-solving, then creativity and idea generation. I found it so good because it had never occurred to me that there were even such things as actual techniques for these dilemmas! Check out Kim’s website for more information and if you ever get a chance to attend one of her courses, it is well worth it.


17 Cool USB Sticks + Hubs

Posted: May 11, 2009 in Misc

#1 Become a perfectionist
If you’re not one already, start becoming one! Sloppy graphic design is poor graphic design.

#2 Keyboard shortcuts
Learn as many as you can and configure your own additional ones -shortcuts are the key to becoming an efficient designer.

#3 Learn about printing processes
Don’t let printers pull the wool over your eyes – learn about what they do and how they do it.

#4 Create InDesign libraries
Libraries of design items save time and ensure consistency when working within brands.

#5 Learn how to step and repeat
This could save you hours on mundane tasks!

#6 Make the most of character and paragraph styles
Create your styles once and bring them from document to document.

#7 Learn to batch
Running a batch command for the likes of converting camera-raw photos to print-ready saves time for re-touching and correcting.

#8 Learn to clip
Absolutely every graphic designer will need to create a clipping path at some point in their career – learn it now and perfect your technique.

#9 Seek criticism on your work
Don’t be afraid and don’t take it personally! Aim to do each new project better than the last.

#10 Inspire and be inspired
Remember that good design goes to heaven and bad design goes everywhere!

Myself and my colleague are registered to attend Adobe’s Take the Shortcut to Brilliant Dublin event next Thursday (27 November 2008). We’re both registered with Adobe and were notified by email about the tour. Taking place in Cineworld on Parnell Street, the agenda is:

Screen 1

9:30-12:00 CS4 Web Premium

12:15-1:00 Apple Technology Update

2:00-4:30 CS4 Design Premium

Screen 2

9:45-12:15 CS4 Production Premium

1:15-2:00 Apple Technology Update

2:15-4:45 CS4 Master Collection

So if you are a graphic designer, print professional, production/layout artist, web designer/developer make sure you get registered to attend!


Posted: October 15, 2008 in Misc
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If you’re a graphic designer into arts and crafts too, have a look at Etsy.