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I am absolutely loving Ten free fonts used by The Oatmeal – the first two especially, and with links to download this is a little gem! Thanks TO for sharing.


Free design software

Posted: February 2, 2009 in Design, Downloads

Found this really good post on Paperclipping all about free design software. Hooray! Heaven knows I still can’t afford CS4!

Handy screen ruler

Posted: February 2, 2009 in Design, Downloads

Have you ever needed to align things precisely in PowerPoint and wished for pull-down rulers like in InDesign? This handy screen ruler does the job – you can rotate it, have your measurements in pixels, inches, centimetres or picas and even change it to your favourite colour.

This morning I had to do some artwork for an eight panel conference stand, but the two side panels needed to be smaller than the others making up the main bit of the artwork. I wanted to retain the different ‘pages’ as such (instead of creating a giant piece of artwork) but InDesign does not allow you to create some pages with different sizes than others in the same document. This can be solved however, with DTP Tools’s Page Control 2.0 plug-in. I downloaded a free 14-day trial of it here, installed it and
re-started my InDesign. It immediately let me know the new function was installed, and voila, within minutes, I had my different sized pages inserted into my document. Wonderful! The full version costs €59 for 1-5 licences.
A good buy!

Posted: March 25, 2008 in Downloads, Websites
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If you need to find large size logos for any big name brands, try

I found this really good script for Adobe InDesign. FontBook.js gives you the option to create a printable font book of all the fonts active in InDesign or the option of selecting an individual font. For each font it will generate 7 paragraphs formatted in different type sizes.

I’ve just had a look at InDesign Magazine for the first time and learnt a few good tips. Download the free trial version here. A one-year subscription for the bi-monthly PDF editions is $59.