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This works really well. Also discovered re-saving a PDF in Adobe Acrobat Professional 8 as a .doc does a similar job too!


Today I learnt a little about creating buttons in Adobe InDesign CS3:

And then about how to create a Print button as a finishing touch in Acrobat:

Useful stuff!

I just KNOW one day I will need this article and won’t know where I found it! An excellent note from the Adobe Creative Newsletter.

InDesign skills: Don’t let transparency ruin your printing

An Adobe InDesign Snippet is a file that can hold various page elements in position, ready to drop into another document. There are three ways of creating Snippets:

1. Select the objects you wish to place in a Snippet and drag them to your desktop.

2. Select the objects from the Structure View and drag them to your desktop.

3. Select the objects and File > Export as an InDesign Snippet.

To place a Snippet, you can do File > Place or drag the snippet from your desktop into your document.

To make sure your Snippet positions itself exactly as was in its original document, go to Preferences > File Handling and choose Position at Original Location. If you need to override this then, hold alt/option when you click to place the Snippet.

Some really good InDesign tutorials here from Layers Magazine.

Downloadable/printable InDesign CS3 Help from Adobe.

This is a really excellent book on InDesign CS3 by Robert Shufflebotham, covering the basics and also the more advanced stuff. Buy it on Amazon for as little as €12 here.