My 10 tips for junior graphic designers

Posted: February 14, 2009 in Design, Misc
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#1 Become a perfectionist
If you’re not one already, start becoming one! Sloppy graphic design is poor graphic design.

#2 Keyboard shortcuts
Learn as many as you can and configure your own additional ones -shortcuts are the key to becoming an efficient designer.

#3 Learn about printing processes
Don’t let printers pull the wool over your eyes – learn about what they do and how they do it.

#4 Create InDesign libraries
Libraries of design items save time and ensure consistency when working within brands.

#5 Learn how to step and repeat
This could save you hours on mundane tasks!

#6 Make the most of character and paragraph styles
Create your styles once and bring them from document to document.

#7 Learn to batch
Running a batch command for the likes of converting camera-raw photos to print-ready saves time for re-touching and correcting.

#8 Learn to clip
Absolutely every graphic designer will need to create a clipping path at some point in their career – learn it now and perfect your technique.

#9 Seek criticism on your work
Don’t be afraid and don’t take it personally! Aim to do each new project better than the last.

#10 Inspire and be inspired
Remember that good design goes to heaven and bad design goes everywhere!


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