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This action script for Photoshop is simply brilliant – it converts a flat image into a convincing book cover – and needs to be seen to be believed! Download it from psdrecipes here.


Posted: February 23, 2009 in Blogs, Design
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psdrecipes is a really cool new Photoshop blog with some handy and original tips.

Jacob Cass of Just Creative Design and Logo Of The Day has just launched another blog aimed at anything and everything to do with logo design, called Logo Designer Blog. It’s already got some excellent articles up and promises to be another brilliant design blog from a really dedicated designer.

Found this really good post on creating effective online portfolios over on YouTheDesigner.

#1 Become a perfectionist
If you’re not one already, start becoming one! Sloppy graphic design is poor graphic design.

#2 Keyboard shortcuts
Learn as many as you can and configure your own additional ones -shortcuts are the key to becoming an efficient designer.

#3 Learn about printing processes
Don’t let printers pull the wool over your eyes – learn about what they do and how they do it.

#4 Create InDesign libraries
Libraries of design items save time and ensure consistency when working within brands.

#5 Learn how to step and repeat
This could save you hours on mundane tasks!

#6 Make the most of character and paragraph styles
Create your styles once and bring them from document to document.

#7 Learn to batch
Running a batch command for the likes of converting camera-raw photos to print-ready saves time for re-touching and correcting.

#8 Learn to clip
Absolutely every graphic designer will need to create a clipping path at some point in their career – learn it now and perfect your technique.

#9 Seek criticism on your work
Don’t be afraid and don’t take it personally! Aim to do each new project better than the last.

#10 Inspire and be inspired
Remember that good design goes to heaven and bad design goes everywhere!

Are you interested in becoming an Adobe Certified Expert? Find out all you need to know about how to register for an ACE exam in your area here. The Adobe InDesign CS3 exam can be taken at New Horizons in Dublin for €138.

Thanks John again for some excellent links – particularly this one to
The Design Cubicle – I especially like the post 16 tips to improve as a graphic designer, there’s some valuable stuff in there.