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This is an absolutely beautiful blog –


A friend sent me the link to Smashing Magazine today and I have to say it is just brilliant. Full of graphic design tutorials, freebies, showcases and inspiring posts… I highly recommend a browse.

I never knew that you could unlink text boxes in InDesign until I read about it in a handy tip from InDesign Magazine. Basically, you can unlink text boxes without disturbing their contents by running a simple script that you already have. In InDesign CS3, open your Scripts panel (Window> Automation>Scripts) and look in the Application folder, then the JavaScript folder. You’ll see a script called SplitStory. Place your cursor in one frame of the story and double-click the script name in the panel. InDesign will split all the frames of the story into individual frames.


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If you are ever without your Photoshop and need to re-size or crop some images in a hurry, Pixenate offers online image editing with no fuss.


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If you’re a graphic designer into arts and crafts too, have a look at Etsy.

Learn how you can become a greener graphic designer at renourish.