Graphic design jobs in Ireland

Posted: July 2, 2008 in Design

Looking for a graphic design job in Ireland? Have you tried the following websites?

Also and are particularly good for graphic design jobs.

It’s really hard to get started in graphic design in Ireland –
be memorable by leaving a portfolio at any interviews you attend – this Innovative One Page Resume & Portfolio from Just Creative Design is a good example, or have a look at 36 Beautiful Resume Ideas That Work.

If it’s freelance work you’re looking for, 10 Great Places to Find Graphic Design Jobs on You The Designer is also worth reading.

  1. Thanks for the mentions.

    You might also like my second resume design roundup:

    38 More Beautiful Resume Ideas That Work

    Stumbled this for you:

  2. kelvinwins says:

    Brilliant tips there thanks. I’ll be making this step next year. It’s very daunting.

  3. sankaranandh says:

    Good tips loved it!!

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