This works really well. Also discovered re-saving a PDF in Adobe Acrobat Professional 8 as a .doc does a similar job too!


1. An over-size sketchbook and a set of good pencils
For drawing out designs, for mapping out a problem, for inspiring creativity

2. An ergonomic mouse or graphics tablet
All those clicks. Enough said.

3. A Pantone swatch book
For choosing colour schemes, for checking colour trueness

4. A cutting mat, various scalpel blades and a steel ruler
For mocking up printed projects

5. A paper weight swatch book
Learn to know the feel of different weight papers

6. A giant poster expressing all the A sizes
Invaluable if you are a commercial print designer

7. A shredder
Don’t let your draft designs end up in the wrong hands

8. A giant monitor
Be kind to yourself and get as big a monitor as possible. After all, you know the hours you will spend in front of it

9. A comfortable chair
As above. Good design does not come out of poor posture

10. A creative cupboard
Fill it with your work, other people’s work you admire, print samples, books, manuals, magazines, papers, crayons, art and craft materials, whatever. Keeps it all off your desk and a source of inspiration

What items make your life as a graphic designer easier?

I am absolutely loving Ten free fonts used by The Oatmeal – the first two especially, and with links to download this is a little gem! Thanks TO for sharing.

Stumbled across this and thought it was a handy one for designers who are preparing art straight to print

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I had the fortune of attending a fantastic course yesterday, on Problem-solving, Creativity and Innovation – led by a lady by the name of Kim Tasso and organised by the Professional Marketing (PM) Forum.

The course was just a half-day session but it was so very worthwhile. Kim Tasso was an excellent trainer and she brought us through popular techniques for initially, problem-solving, then creativity and idea generation. I found it so good because it had never occurred to me that there were even such things as actual techniques for these dilemmas! Check out Kim’s website for more information and if you ever get a chance to attend one of her courses, it is well worth it.

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Quote for the day

Posted: March 8, 2011 in Design

“Design should never say, ‘Look at me.’ It should always say, ‘Look at this.’ ”

David Craib

Today I learnt a little about creating buttons in Adobe InDesign CS3:

And then about how to create a Print button as a finishing touch in Acrobat:

Useful stuff!